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About Us

About Us


Glow Up Istanbul is a health tourism company that works to provide you with privileged and quality service with its contracted doctors and contracted hospitals. It provides quality and safe service in plastic surgery, dental aesthetics (Hollywood smile, teeth whitening) and hair transplantation.


Contracted Hospitals

Nişantaşı Hospital

Çevre Hospital

Baypark Hospital

Tanfer Hospital

İstanbul Surgery Hospital

Denthouse Hospital

Our Contracted Doctors

Dr. Ebru Çatal Hocaoğlu

Prof. Dr. Taner Yiğit


Why Glow Up Istanbul ?

The documents you send us for the disease/operation you want to be treated in Turkey or the medical procedures you want to have are displayed in the common information pool used by our contracted physicians and their opinions about your treatment are taken.

It is the International Health Tourism Authorized Agency by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Health Consulting

Online Help in 7 Languages

Accommodation Services

Qualification Diploma/Certificates

Airport Transfer Services

Expert Plastic Surgery

Package Options Suitable for Your Budget

Fully Equipped Private Hospital Conditions

Business Hours

You are welcome to our offices during business hours.

Every Day 7/24

Certified Tourism Agency

We are a tourism agency certified by the Turkish Government that provides transfers and accommodation to our visitors. We use Turkey's popular Hospitals with their board registered plastic surgeons. We will provide you with a complete package of airport transfers, accommodation and post-op consultations. Located in a wealthy area of Istanbul, we are only 15 minutes away from Nişantaşı. Our purchasing power, which hosts a large number of visitors, enables us to offer quality cosmetic surgery at affordable fixed all-inclusive package prices.

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