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Breast Aesthetics

Breast augmentation is the most common plastic-aesthetic procedure applied to women. The beauty ideal of a full breast, evoking an attractive décolleté, is considered by many to be the epitome of femininity. In fact, we experience over and over again in our daily practice that women who have breast augmentation surgery have stronger self-confidence and feel more free and happy.

Breast reduction is the ideal way to solve your breast problem elegantly. With breast reduction, you first alleviate the physical problems of a very large breast. As a rule, many other problems will be permanently resolved as you will feel confident and in tune with your body again.

Every woman’s breast loses its firmness throughout her life. The reason for this is the decrease in the elasticity of the connective tissue and skin in the breast. When and to what extent this process begins varies from woman to woman. Besides age, other factors also play a role. These include:

Gynecomastia refers to the pathological enlargement of the breast in men. This phenomenon is caused by the growth of glandular tissue in the male breast and can be seen in about half of all adult males. Some types of gynecomastia can only be removed by surgery. Gynecomastia tendencies appear more often during a man’s life, but fade over time:

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Tummy Tuck

It is a surgical procedure in which excess fat and sagging skin tissue in the middle and lower abdomen are removed and the abdominal muscles are tightened by stretching. It is not a cure for obesity.

Butt Aesthetics

 The size of the butt is proportional to the body and hips, it is sufficiently prominent when viewed from the side, and it has a smooth round appearance. The butt is shaped using different techniques.


If you have reached your dream weight but have unresolved fat stores in your body, you can consider liposuction as an effective method to get rid of these fats.

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