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Breast Reduction

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Breast Reduction

A very large bust creates both physical and psychological problems for most of those affected: You are constantly asked about your big bust, you just don’t want to put up with these conversations and stares anymore, or you have serious back problems.

Breast reduction is the ideal way to solve your breast problem elegantly. With breast reduction, you first alleviate the physical problems of a very large breast. As a rule, many other problems will be permanently resolved as you will feel confident and in tune with your body again.

When does breast reduction make sense?

It may be the reason you want to shrink your breasts. Women with very large breasts are attracted by their large breasts in daily life. big breasts are an obstacle in life in sports. In addition, women with very large breasts complain of complaints:

Pain and tension in the shoulder and neck area

Postural deformities that negatively affect spine health

Cord grooves on shoulders and back due to tight-fit bras

Dermatological problems in the skin of the under-breast fold

Headaches and even migraine attacks

Sensory disturbances in the hands

In addition to the physical discomfort caused by very large breasts, psychological stress is also a reason many women undergo breast reduction surgery. The constant feeling of being looked at and ridiculed because of large breasts causes women to feel unwell in their bodies in many cases and consequently to be shy and unhappy. Breast reduction is often the best way to re-accept one’s own body.


Pre-surgical examination and mammography

In addition to the interview, your breast will be carefully examined before breast reduction surgery. We will also ensure that your general health allows the procedure. Mammography and breast sonography are also performed in patients over 40 years of age.

How does breast reduction work?

Breast reduction always takes the form of surgery. The surgeon removes excess glandular, fat, and skin tissue from the lower part of the breasts. It then creates a new breast from the remaining parts of the gland tissue according to the wishes previously discussed with the patient.

As with a breast lift, breast reduction is performed using a variety of incision techniques, where hospital-trained surgeons primarily use this technique:

T-cut: Here, the surgeon cuts vertically around the areola and up to the lower breast crease. In the thoracic crease, this vertical incision is linked to a transverse incision – resulting in an inverted T.
If necessary, the nipple and related nerves are also moved during breast reduction surgery. In order to drain the accumulated blood directly from the wound, the attending physician also makes a drainage. This is removed a few days after the operation.

Anesthesia and operation time

Breast reduction is performed during an operation under general anesthesia. The length of the surgery depends on the amount of tissue to be removed. As a rule, it takes two to three hours.

Recovery process after breast surgery

Bleeding, pain and bruising may occur in the affected areas after plastic surgery such as breast reduction. These side effects are completely normal and go away after a few days. Pain medications can help relieve pain.
In order to prevent the formation of blood clots under the skin and to ensure the result of the surgery, the surgeon applies a pressure bandage after the surgery. In addition, the patient is given a special bra that fixes the breasts.
Sensory disturbances in the nipples are one of the expected effects after breast reduction. They can be hypersensitive or almost deaf. But in most cases, the sensitivity realigns after a certain period of time.

Behavior after breast reduction

The special bra applied after breast reduction should be worn day and night for the first three weeks after the operation. You should also wear it during the day, at least, for the next three weeks. In this way, you support the healing process and minimize possible risks.
You should also not exercise and sleep on your back. During the first six weeks after breast reduction, all activities involving the upper arm, shoulder girdle and chest muscles should be avoided.

How can you support the healing process?

After breast reduction surgery, you should allocate enough time for regeneration. Such plastic surgery is a heavy burden for the body. We recommend that you rest as much as possible for at least two weeks after surgery to best support wound healing and ultimately the outcome of the surgery.

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