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Today, liposuction, which is one of the surgeries about which a lot of misinformation circulates, is referred to as “fat suction” or “fat removal operation” in Turkish. This process, which is done to eliminate excess fat accumulated in different parts of the body, should not be seen as a direct weight loss or weight loss tool. At this point, it is very important to have a healthy diet both for your health and to get rid of excess weight. You can easily reach your desired weight with a controlled diet and regular physical activity. However, if you reach your dream weight and there are still fat deposits in your body that do not dissolve, then you can consider liposuction as an effective solution.

What is Liposuction?

The word “lipo”, which is the root of the word liposuction, means fat in Latin. However, with liposuction, the fat cells are completely absorbed, not the excess fat in the body. Knowing the distinction between these two processes is extremely important in terms of having accurate information about the liposuction operation. Because the number of fat cells in humans does not normally change after puberty. The areas where excess fat accumulated in the body with weight gain will be stored is determined depending on the number of these fat cells.
For example, if the number of fat cells in the belly area is higher than in other parts of your body, the excess fat accumulated in the body settles into these cells. When liposuction is performed, the number of fat cells is reduced and fat accumulation in certain areas is prevented. In other words, when the number of fat cells in the belly region of the individual in the same example is halved thanks to the fat removal operation, the person does not have a navel body type as before, even though there is excess fat accumulation in his body.

How is Liposuction Surgery Performed ?

Despite losing weight with diet and sports, three different methods are applied for the fat removal operation/surgery in which the fat cells that resist to maintain their existence in the body are removed. The first of these methods is the classical method called “Wet Technique” or “Tumescent Technique”, and among the technological methods developed to achieve more aesthetic results, there are “Ultrasonic (Vazer) Liposuction” and “Laser Liposuction”.

Generally, “wet technique” is used in liposuction surgeries. In this method, before the suction process, the fat cells in the relevant area are filled with liquid and these cells are inflated. The filled liquid contains substances such as adrenaline, which stops bleeding, and lidocaine, which has pain-relieving properties.
After inflating the cells with liquid, thin tubes with a diameter of 2-6 mm extending under the skin from the incisions made on the skin reach the relevant fat cells. The vacuum device to which these pipes are connected is moved on the body and the unwanted excess fat cells are absorbed in the body.

In this method, firstly, the area to be operated is reached with the help of small tubes used during the surgery. By applying ultrasonic vibrations in this area, the fat cells are softened and the softened fat cells can be absorbed more easily. With the classical applications after the softening process, the liposuction process is completed.

In this method, laser beams are sent to the excess fat cells in the area to be operated with 2-3 mm fiber cannulas, and these cells are transformed from solid to liquid state. Then, the absorption process is performed with thin cannulas that are transmitted under the skin through the millimetrically opened incisions. The fact that these cannulas are thinner than those used in the classical technique eliminates the problem of postoperative scarring.

What Awaits You After Liposuction? What You Need to Know About Surgery and After

Duration of Hospitalization: Local or general anesthesia can be applied in liposuction surgery. If laser liposuction is to be applied, general anesthesia is preferred and the patient stays in the hospital for one night after the surgery. In other methods, patients do not need to be hospitalized if there are no complications in the surgery. Patients undergoing general anesthesia are sent home after a 4-hour rest period.

Practices that Accelerate Healing: Lymph drainage massage before and after surgery makes patients feel better. In order to accelerate the recovery period, getting up early and moving a lot is of great importance during the recovery phase.
Pain: Post-operative pain usually lasts for 3-4 days. Complaints after liposuction with oral painkillers during this period.

Return to Daily Life: Patients who can return to work within 3-7 days should remove their dressings after two days, have their stitches removed after a week, and use a liposuction corset for three weeks.

Sports Activities: Patients who can start walking 2 weeks after the surgery need to wait at least 6 weeks for heavy sports exercises. Physical Result: Although the swelling and stiffness after the surgery usually go away within 2 months, about 6-9 weeks after the surgery to achieve the desired result. It should take a month.

What are the Loss of Liposuction?

In the fat absorption process, there is no harm to the individual as long as more fat is not taken from the body than necessary. However, those who adopt an unhealthy diet after this procedure or use this method as a short-term slimming tool instead of getting rid of regional fat cells are disappointed and suffer because they cannot achieve the result they expect in the long term.

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