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Breast Lift

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Breast Lift

Every woman’s breast loses its firmness throughout her life. The reason for this is the decrease in the elasticity of the connective tissue and skin in the breast. When and to what extent this process begins varies from woman to woman. Besides age, other factors also play a role. These include:


Chest size

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Connective tissue quality

From a medical standpoint, a droopy breast is okay, but it often has a strong impact on a woman’s breasts. self-esteem and psychological state. A breast lift improves the appearance of the breast and makes the breast look tight again, even without a bra.

What should you pay attention to before a breast lift?

Like breast augmentation, a breast lift is a surgical procedure and is therefore associated with risks. To best prepare for your breast lift, you should consider the following:


Anamnesis: The attending physician thoroughly examines the patient and makes mammography and breast sonography of the breast. In this way, diseases that prevent breast lift can be detected.


Stop taking medication: Do not take blood thinners such as aspirin before surgery. Anti-inflammatory drugs or herbal remedies should also be avoided two to three weeks before surgery.


Quit smoking: If you quit smoking before surgery, the course of breast lift and the healing process can be supported. procedure.


Plan the exact time: For example, if further pregnancies are planned, breast lift should only be done after weaning. Although a breast lift does not affect the breasts' ability to breastfeed, pregnancy and breastfeeding hormones can cause the breasts to sag again. The results of a breast lift may no longer be visible.

How does a breast lift work?

A breast lift is a surgical procedure performed as an inpatient. In this case, the procedure may take up to three hours, depending on how extensive the breast lift is.

Cutting techniques

There are several techniques for mastopexy. Which technique to use depends on the patient's breast condition and the desired result.


Experienced plastic surgeons in Istanbul mainly use one of two incision techniques:


Periareolar lift: This is the most scarless breast lift technique in Turkey. With this technique, the surgeon removes a ring-shaped strip of skin around the nipple. Then the wound is closed with a thin thread under the top layer of skin.


T-cut: If a lot of skin needs to be removed, surgeons use the T-cut technique to lift it. boobs. The surgeon removes the nipple from the periphery of the areola, vertically down from its lower edge to the breast crease, and from there inward and outward. Visually, this incision results in an inverted T, hence the name.


After the surgery, the patient is given a tight-fitting chest bandage and a special bra that supports the breasts and keeps them stable.


These incision techniques for breast lift remove excess skin and (in some cases) move the nipple upward. The chest looks firm and youthful again

Behavior after breast lift

For the period after the breast lift, you should allow two weeks of rest before returning to work.
To best support the healing process, surgical scars should not be tense - so the arms should not be raised and you should just lie on your back.
For the first few days after a breast lift, patients should only shower up to their waist.
In addition, women should completely avoid exercise for the first six weeks after the operation. . Sauna and solarium should not be visited during this time. You should also not wear any objects during this time.

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