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Beard and Mustache Transplantation

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Beard and Mustache Transplantation

Beard transplantation is an increasingly popular form of aesthetic intervention with the latest developments in plastic surgery, and it is a procedure preferred by men whose beards never grow or are sparse. Some patients may have beardless areas on their faces due to scar tissue or diseases such as ringworm, and these people can overcome these problems with beard transplantation.

Beard transplantation is not much different from hair transplantation. Hair follicles taken from the donor area near the nape are transplanted to beardless or sparsely bearded areas. Before the procedure, the patient and the physician should decide together how to design a beard. The exit angle of the beard follicles from the skin is also important. After all these are determined meticulously, the transplantation process begins.

Since the transplant is performed with local anesthesia, the patient does not feel any serious pain or pain. Except for the minor pain felt during the first injection for anesthesia, the procedure is completely painless.


The most important criterion for the success of the beard transplant procedure is to achieve a natural appearance. After the beard design is made before the transplant, the process begins. FUE TECHNIQUE is used for beard transplantation. The natural appearance after the transplant is possible only with good planning before the operation. Beards grow at different angles at different points on the face. Therefore, for example, the treatment performed on the cheek area and the treatment on the neck area will be different.


Anyone who does not have any problems in terms of number and health in the follicles in the hairy area of the head near the nape can have a beard transplant. If the follicles in the nape are not suitable for transplantation, armpit or pubic hair can be used as a donor.


There may be pain caused by local anesthesia applied to the cheek area for the first few days after the transplant procedure. The formation of red dots in the beard transplant area is an expected and normal development. All this disappears completely within a few days. In the first stage, the transplanted beards fall out. This is completely normal and even something that should happen. The patient does not need to worry about this at all. This stage is called “shock shedding”. The transplanted hair follicles acquire the structural characteristics of the beard follicle within an average of eight months and begin to grow just like a beard.


The first method applied by men who are not satisfied with the density of beard and mustache is usually cosmetic applications. However, such cosmetic interventions are often insufficient to achieve the desired intensity. In this sense, the most definitive solution for people who want a permanent solution is beard and mustache transplantation.

The first condition for the beard and mustache to have a natural appearance after transplantation is to transplant the follicles in accordance with the direction and angle of the original beard and mustache hairs.


After the number of grafts is determined by the expert personnel, the whole process continues just like in hair transplantation. First, local anesthesia is applied to the donor area and hair follicles begin to be removed. The patient should not feel any pain or anxiety during this procedure. After the grafts to be used in mustache transplantation are collected one by one, they are kept in physiological saline until the transplantation stage. Usually 400 to 800 grafts are sufficient for the transplant process.

It is very normal to have redness in the area after the transplant and this redness will disappear on its own after a while. It is also expected that there will be crusting at the transplanted points for a while. If the correct care is applied in the post-operative period, there should be no problems in this regard. It is possible to speed up the healing process by using the lotions and ointments recommended by the expert personnel and by following the instructions on correct washing.

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